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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Cuban Education is not an Utopia
By Carmen Lluch Arocha
The educational sphere has been one of the most harmful ones, since the economical, hostile blockade was imposed in 1959.
Since the triumph of the Revolution in January the first, the direction of the Cuban government accomplished sets of relevant achievements in this area. We can find among them: the well-known Campaign of Literacy, where the main objective was, with an arduous work, to reach the sixth and ninth degrees. At present, “The University for Everybody” in a television-broadcasted variant, constituting another remarkable success of our Socialist system.
This important educative battle, has been carried out, because of the outstanding human will Cubans have. At schools we are lacking pencils, notebooks, paper, the impression of textbooks and complementary bibliographies, also the equipment of laboratories of specialities like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and the scholar shops
It has also limited the acquisition of machines for the Braille system; wheelchairs for physical disable people, the constructive preservation of the day- care centers and the replacement of the school furniture. Together with this, the evident deterioration of the transportation dedicated to the movement of students.
Since 1961 up to now, the great quantity of damages caused by this genocide blockade, are estimated in 79 thousand millions dollars, and most of them belong to the educational sphere.
The bigger of the Antilles is one of the few countries in the world that doesn’t have access to any International Financial Bank, what forces us to buy in the international market under very unfavourable conditions.
Nevertheless, we have well-prepared technicians and specialists, and a very important thing, the strong wishes Cubans get to continue developing the revolutionary educational process. Living under the conflicting politics of the administration of the US for many years has strengthened us. We are able enough to show the whole world that the Cuban education is not a senseless process.


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