The Cuban Education treating people with handicaps

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Four decades have passed since the 11 of August of 1966 arose the Latin American and Caribbean Continental Organization from Students, as movilizadora and coordinating instance of the anti-imperialist fights of the student movement of Latin America and the Caribbean. The OCLAE has played a significant role in the impulse of actions in favor of the reform and the democratization of the education, the eradication of the illiteracy, the development of the unit, the bonds of solidarity between the students of the continent and by the conquest and the defense of the legitimate rights and vindications of these, as well as against the distorting foreign penetration in the universities.

Like an ample and deeply democratic platform, during these years it has caused academic interchanges and lawyer by the education between all the population without discrimination some, and one has been against to the drug consumption and the drug trafficking. This organization is registered of the historical commitment of the students with the aspirations of national liberation and independence of the towns and the ideals of peace, in her ampler sense, of all the progressive humanity.

In their support to the rightest causes, the OCLAE has openly showed their solidarity with the five Cuban political prisoners who unjustly remain jailed in the United States, to those who he granted to the order Jose to them Rafael Varona by his extraordinary example like patriotic fighters, revolutionaries and. As well, it has promoted intense mobilizations against the neoliberal policies and the external indebtedness that affect the region, and his repercussions in the social agravamiento of the evils.

Taken from the Magazine We are Jovenes.