The Cuban Education treating people with handicaps

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

No Lose Ends in Cuban Education System
By Mariagny Taset Aguilar
Luis Ignacio Gomez Gutierrez, the Cuban minister of Education, addressed an audience gathered on Wednesday at the Havana Convention Center for a national meeting on Pedagogy. The event will run through Friday and aims to define problems in different areas of teaching and find work strategies to address them in the coming school year.
“We have to ensure that every child born in Cuba successfully passes through all the different school levels designed to provide them with a comprehensive education, so that tomorrow they become professionals and integral parts of society. To achieve this, we must find any weak links —which in our country are fundamentally subjective— throughout the national territory, to be able to maintain this chain of education,” said the Education minister.
Two of the areas that will be addressed at the meeting are trying to find ways to improve early education (from birth to three-years-old), and how to provide better care to those in need of special education or children who come from families with social disadvantages.
The first day of the gathering produced recommendations on how to improve the quality of education in special and preschool education. It was agreed that one of the biggest challenges in preschool education is to standardize the education program and ensure higher worker standards. In this area, it was noted that changes have been initiated to improve family services, particularly daycare centers, which currently are only meeting 40 percent of demand.
Today, education experts will discuss the area of pre-university and technical education.